Apicoectomy in Pensacola FL

An apicoectomy is a minor treatment that involves removing the infected tip of a tooth root, then sealing the interior of the tooth to prevent further infection.

Getting Apicoectomy after a Root Canal

The procedure is usually recommended when a standard root canal treatment has already been performed on a tooth but isn’t sufficient to save the tooth and prevent further complications.

Apicoectomy Procedure

The apicoectomy procedure involves opening the gum tissue near a damaged tooth to view the bone and remove inflamed and infected tissues. The end of the tooth’s root is removed, and a small filling is placed to seal the end of the root canal.

In most cases, when the pulp in the root of a tooth becomes infected, root canal therapy is performed. This removes the infection and prevents it from spreading further. In traditional root canal therapy, the full pulp is removed from the tooth, along with any infected tissue. When this is not possible or previous root canal therapy has failed, an apicoectomy is recommended by Pensacola endodontist, Dr. Todd.