GentleWave Ultra Cleaning Procedure

Our Pensacola endodontic office is the ONLY endodontic practice in the Florida and Alabama Gulf Coast utilizing the GentleWave system. This is different from standard root canal treatments because the GentleWave ultra-cleaning procedure is able to reach all throughout your tooth — even in the microscopic places where bacteria can hide. This eliminates the need for two appointments, saves patients’ time, and allows for better outcomes with less chance of postoperative pain or need for antibiotics. The GentleWave Procedure offers the following advantages:

Minimally Invasive

The GentleWave Procedure replaces much of the manual instrumentation in root canal treatment with optimized procedure fluids, helping prevent the removal of excess tooth structure to maintain its natural functionality and structural integrity.

Effective Cleaning

The GentleWave Procedure’s high-tech fluid delivery system distributes fluids throughout your root canal system, removing the infection from the root canal system while preserving valuable tooth structure.

One-Visit Procedure

In most cases, a GentleWave Procedure can be completed in just one appointment. And, because GentleWave Technology is so effective at cleaning the root canal system, there’s less chance of needing a root canal retreatment later.

Cone Beam Imaging

Cone Beam imaging is an advanced form of digital radiograph. With the cone beam imager, one simple scan will produce a 3D image of your entire maxillofacial structure. This image can then be used in diagnostics, patient education, treatment planning, and treatment follow-up.

There are a few benefits the cone beam imaging that will impact your treatment:

  1. Precise Treatment – It helps us precisely identify the most effective treatment for your tooth.
  2. Improved Outcomes – CBCT allows endodontists to detect structures hidden in traditional x-rays including cracks, unusual anatomy, or atypical diseases inside or around a patient’s tooth. It also allows the endodontist to develop a patient specific treatment plan to best manage their condition.
  3. Lower Dose of Radiation – CBCT has a lower dose of radiation than a medical CT scan, chest x-rays, mammogram, and is around the equivalent of 1 day of background radiation at sea level.

The cone beam provides an effective solution to create quick, clear, precise images for your benefit. Additionally, the cone beam uses minimal radiation in scanning and is a much less-invasive process than other forms of imaging. This makes the cone beam an excellent choice for patients with dental anxiety or a sensitive gag reflex.

By utilizing advanced technologies like the cone beam, our team can provide an effective, efficient, and comfortable patient experience for you on every visit.

Advanced Surgical Microscopes

In addition to GentleWave and Cone Beam imaging, Dr. Todd and Dr. Beam also employ the use of surgical microscopes. These microscopes can magnify the tooth up to 20x! These microscopes ensure that each movement Dr. Todd makes is calculated to improve treatment and reduce pain! For more information on the ability of a surgical microscope, please visit this page here.